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Purchase Guideline

To our beloved customers:

First time buying or does not know how to buy at MyFashionMah fashion online store, kindly read out 《Purchase Guidelines》

a. Register as member & login

Please register as member , then log into the system using the login id & password, in order to shopping and make order tru the website.

b. Choose a product

Browse and select —>all the items you want, ensure your desire size, color and quantity

c. Contact customer support

You can contact our customer support via MSN messenger, Live Help or email and provide them your choosen product code, and your personal particulars.

d. Order Processing

We'll try to process your order as soon as we can.
Order processing including: Checking on your recipient's details, whether it is complete and checking on stock availability.
We will contact our customer if any doubt in order to ensure the right order has been made.

e. Payment

After the order processed, please make payment according to the amount stated in the order.
If you have any uncertain regarding the price/amount, shipping cost, delivery or any other questions, you can contact our customer support to assist you.
After payment made, please try to inform us as soon as possible. Please stated clearly your transaction's bank, transaction's amount, payment method, ban, transaction date and order no.
Please keep your bank transaction slip for reference. Any order older than 3 days which we had not yet received payment will be canceled automatically.

f. Delivery

After payment received, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible. Our customer support will inform you after we send out your goods.

g. Confirmation on picking

Kindly inform our customer support after receiving your goods. Any comment, opinion or suggestion are welcome.
Thank you very much.

*Important Note

Market price stated in our website is for reference only due to the location, marketing/sales strategy might be different from company to company.

通告: 开斋节 空运 暂停 期间 是 : 6月21 至 25 号 , 这期间 到广州仓库的 包裹 会在 26日 安排发来 大马
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x Taobao Satisfaction Guarantee
*If any product/quality problems occur at our recommended sellers,our company are responsible for the problems!Returned or replacement!We bear for the shipping cost!(Currently limited to Malaysia customers only, do not include vandalism)

Woman Clothes

→ Catworld台湾正品 → 小维同学大卖铺
→ 天母严选台湾正品 → 宜佳(柚子美衣)

Plus Size Fashion

→ qianzhilv_0 (胖妞) → baby930717(幸福菓子)
→ OrangeBear台湾大尺码 → 衣伊衣


→ 北包包旗舰店 → aza旗舰店
→ 正通飞阳 (猫猫包袋) → 麦包包箱包官方旗舰店

Men | Couple Fashion

→ x269394261(Mr.Cyc mall 日系男装) → 执与服饰旗舰店 (情侣装)

Kids Fashion

→ qxfjn(娜娜拉拉童装) → 绿盒子官方旗舰店
→ zxh206 (Connie公主屋)  

Beauty | Skin Care

→ 牛尔官方旗舰店 (牛尔) → 妖精de国度(女人天生是妖精)
→ 小玛儿(指甲油)  

Fashion Accessories

→ hyy307(鹏鹏的名品小窝) → 阳阳多多(古典发饰、耳环设计)
→ irich_lillian(Miss Girl 台湾甜美饰品)  

Inner Beauty | Pajamas

→ 薇安娜_vianna → 歌瑞尔GAINREEL内衣旗舰店
→ fukadakitty  


→ 桑梓之乡(懒角落)家居创意用品 → 吉善缘旗舰店 (风水)
       → Click To Contact Live Support   点击联系线上客服 (9:30am ~ 6:30pm) ←